Lots of stuff going on at the moment!


Syria - we are working on supplying medical supplies and equipment to Syria. We are collecting wheelchairs, crutches and other walking aids and we are fundraising to purchase a defibrillator to send to Syria. To contribute to help purchase this important piece of equipment please text SYRI00 followed by £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070 or visit our donation page here. Don't forget to gift aid your donation if you can.


We have also sent children's packs to Syria.


Calais/Dunkerque - we continue with our trips to the Calais warehouse to support refugees still in the Dunkerque and also to provide assistance for refugees in Paris and other areas of Europe that the warehouse works with.


Lebanon - we are continuing to gather children's packs to send to the Lebanon.


At home - we continue to work closely with the Refugee Council and Herts Welcomes Syrian Families to settle refugee families in Hertfordshire. We recently helped one family with finding schooling and we also provided English as a Second Language teaching.


Fundraising - donations always happily received and you can see how to do that here.

We do have the happiest volunteers!

Interview with Liz Needham on the journey to Calais on 6th February 2016.

StAR volunteers delivering food in the Calais Jungle along with volunteers from the Al Nazir Welfare Trust.

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